High Power Dimming TXLED-09 LED Street Light

Power: 100W / 300W Efficacy: 120lm/W – 200lm/W LED Chip: LUXEON 3030/5050, PHILIPS LED Driver: PHILIPS/BRIDGELUX/CREE/OSRAM Material: Die Cast Aluminium, Glass Design: Modular, IP66, IK08 Certificates: CE, TUV, IEC, ISO, RoHS Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Ocean Port: Shanghai Port / Yangzhou Port

Products Details

TX LED 9 is designed by our company in 2019. Because of its unique appearance design and functional characteristics, it is designated for use in street light projects in many countries in Europe and South America.Optional light sensor, IoT light control, environmental monitoring light control LED street light 1. Using high-brightness LED as the light source, and using imported high-brightness semiconductor chips, it has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, small light decay, pure light color, and no ghosting. 2. The light source is in close contact with the shell, and the heat is dissipated by convection with the air through the shell heat sink, which can effectively dissipate the heat and ensure the life of the light source. 3. The lamps can be used in high humidity environment. 4. The lamp housing adopts the die-casting integrated molding process, the surface is sandblasted, and the overall lamp conforms to the IP65 standard. 5. The double protection of peanut lens and tempered glass is adopted, and the arc surface design controls the ground light emitted by the LED within the required range, which improves the uniformity of the lighting effect and the utilization rate of light energy, and highlights the obvious energy saving advantages of LED lamps. 6. There is no delay in starting, and it will turn on immediately, without waiting, to achieve normal brightness, and the number of switches can reach more than one million times. 7. Simple installation and strong versatility. 8. Green and pollution-free, floodlight design, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin, no lead, mercury pollution elements, to achieve a real sense of energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting.

Product Name



Max Power



LED chip quantity



Supply voltage range

100-305V AC

Temperature range


Light guiding system

PC lenses

Light source

LUXEON 5050/3030

Color temperature


Color rendering index



≥110 lm/w

LED luminous efficiency


Lightning protection


Service life

Min 50000 hours

Housing material

Die-cast aluminum

Sealing material

Silicone rubber

Cover material

Tempered glass

Housing color

As customer’s requirement

Protection class


Mounting diameter option


Suggested mounting height






1. Compared with traditional street lights, led street lights have unique advantages such as more energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, long life, fast response speed, good color rendering, and low calorific value. Therefore, the replacement of traditional street lamps by led street lamps is the trend of street lamp development. In the past ten years, led street lights have been widely used in road lighting as an energy-saving product. 2. Since the unit price of led street lights is higher than that of traditional street lights, all urban road lighting projects require led street lights to be easy to maintain, so that when the lights are damaged, it is not necessary to replace the entire lights, just turn on the lights to replace the damaged parts. That's enough; in this way, the maintenance cost of the lamps can be greatly reduced, and the later upgrade and transformation of the lamps are more convenient. 3. To realize the above functions, the lamp must have the function of opening the cover for maintenance. Since the maintenance is performed at high altitudes, the operation of opening the cover is required to be simple and convenient.

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