Dimmable Color Ip66 Smart RGBW Flood Light

Floodlight is a point light source that can uniformly irradiate all places in all directions, and its irradiation range can be adjusted arbitrarily. Standard floodlights can be used to illuminate the entire scene.

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According to the characteristics of the building itself, the color floodlight should be set at a certain distance away from the building as much as possible. In order to obtain a more uniform brightness, the ratio of the distance to the height of the building should not be less than 1/10. If the conditions are limited, floodlights can be installed directly on the building body. When the facade structure of some buildings is designed, the need for appearance lighting is considered. There is a special installation platform reserved for the installation of floodlights. After the light equipment, you can see the light but not the light, so as to maintain the integrity of the appearance of the building facade. Flood lighting integrated with the surrounding environment If the same lighting method is used for the tall buildings on both sides of the main road in the city, it will give people a dull and even dull feeling. 1. Considering the combination of building materials and floodlight 100deg 20w light source, the illuminance of building floodlighting is generally between 15 and 450lx, and the size depends on the surrounding lighting conditions and the reflection ability of building materials. 2. Consider the combination of the shape of the building and the color of the floodlight 100deg 20w light source. According to the shape of the building, colored lighting can be selected to create a clear color contrast between the front and side of the building, adding a festive atmosphere.
Model L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Weight(Kg)
S 130 130 105 2.35
M 190 190 130 4.8
L 262 262 135 6
XL 340 340 145 7.1

Model Number


Chip Brand


Driver Brand

Philips/Meanwell/ORDINARY BRAND

Input Voltage

100-305V AC

Luminous Efficiency


Color Temperature


Power Factor





Die Cast Aluminium Housing

Protection Class


Working Temp

-60 °C~+70 °C



1. Floodlight 100deg 20w high-pressure die-casting aluminum shell, high-strength tempered glass cover, high-purity aluminum reflector, integrated package single high-power LED light source, high-efficiency constant current source. 2. High thermal conductivity, low light decay, pure light color, no ghosting, etc. 3. The color floodlight power supply cavity is completely separated from the light source cavity. The inside of the light source cavity is closely connected with the LED light source. The external cooling fins and air convection heat dissipation can effectively ensure the life of the light source and power supply. 4. The aging-resistant foamed silicone rubber strip is effectively sealed, and the exterior of the floodlight 100deg 50w lamp housing is electrostatically sprayed with plastic. The overall protection level of the floodlight 100deg 50w reaches IP66, so that the lamp can be used in a high-humidity environment. 5. There is no delay in starting, and the normal brightness can be reached when the power is turned on, without waiting, and the switching times can reach more than one million times. 6. Color floodlight is safe, fast, flexible and adjustable at any angle. Strong versatility, widely used in landscape lighting, fountain lighting, stage lighting, building lighting, billboard lighting, hotels, cultural lights, special facility lighting, bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues. 7. Color floodlight is green and pollution-free, with cold light source design, no heat radiation, no damage to eyes and skin, no lead, mercury and other polluting elements, realizing green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting in the true sense. 8. Different luminous colors and luminous effects can be customized according to customer requirements.1.The commonly used LED flood lights on the market basically use 1W high-power LEDs (each LED component will have a high-efficiency lens made of PMMA, and its main function is to secondarily distribute the light emitted by the LED, that is, Secondary optics), and a few companies have selected 3W or higher power LEDs because of the good heat dissipation technology. It is suitable for large-scale occasions, lighting, buildings, etc.  2. Symmetrical narrow-angle, wide-angle and asymmetric light distribution systems.  3. The light bulb can be replaced with an open-back type, which is easy to maintain.  4. The lamps are all attached with a scale plate to facilitate adjustment of the angle of illumination. The main application places are probably these: single buildings, exterior wall lighting of historical buildings, building interior and exterior lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical and cultural and other specialized facility lighting, bars, dance halls, etc. Atmosphere lighting in entertainment venues, etc.

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